What do we do?

We train people to manage stress and build resilience through a process called bio-mastery

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Why do we do this?

to enable people to become high performing professionals in stress filled work environments.

How do we do it?

Online training
Foundation training

Our Foundation course is a 22 week online training programme aimed at developing the core skills and knowledge necessary to manage stress and build resilience.

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Maintenace programme
Our Maintenance programme offers graduates ongoing intermediate and advanced practical online programmes to manage stress and build resilience.
Master classes
Our Master classes offer graduates specialised elective online classes to enable the refinement of their knowledge and skills to manage stress and build resilience.

Our confidential stress and resilience assessments allow trainees to identify their current states of stress and resilience and to monitor progress as they advance through their training.


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News journals
Our online news journal offers up-to-date research, interviews and articles on stress management and resilience building.
Discussion forums
Our various online discussion forums offer trainees and graduates the opportunity to engage with each other, as well as our subject matter experts, on issues relating to stress management and resilience building.

Our professional speakers draw on their professional and personal backgrounds to educate, motivate and inspire audiences on the value of stress management and resilience.

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