Skills, Trust and Technology: Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Author: Sian Harrington

How can business leaders’ best serve the interests of all of their stakeholders while navigating a rapidly changing technological and political landscape? CEOs from four of the world’s largest companies offered their perspective at Davos.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is leading to a “trust headwind” and “skills crisis” as people feel disenfranchised and left behind, according to IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

Business needs to change what it focuses on in this digital era, she says. “There is so much focus on the technology and not enough on the other side. It is incumbent on business to address the trust headwind around data and privacy, and skills.”

Rometty was speaking at a panel session on business leadership at the World Economic Forum’s annual event at Davos, where she was joined by SAP CEO Bill McDermott, Hitachi CEO Hiroaki Nakanishi and Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor to discuss the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on business and society. Here is what they feel about the biggest issues: