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Our objective is to enable people to survive and thrive in the 21st century business environment by developing their skills to manage stress and build resilience.


Stress management and resilience building skills have become an employment prerequisite in the highly volatile 21st century workplace.


Bio-Mastery for Business was established in 2007 by a team of professionals who foresaw the need to protect careers, productivity and profits through rigorous stress management and resilience management programmes.

The company’s bio-mastery stress management and resilience building programme has been designed specifically for business and the business professional and is a blend of extensive field experience and cutting edge neuroscience.

Today, our team at Bio-Mastery for Business are thought leaders in the fields of stress management and resilience building.

Bio-Mastery Definition


Bio-mastery is the process of mastering ones biology through the conscious use of thoughts and behaviours that influence and direct the autonomic nervous system.

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