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Welcome to your life-changing journey to take control of stress and master your resilience. Our goal in this bio-mastery Foundation course is to introduce you to the skills you will need to thrive in the 21st-century workplace and to experience optimum mental and emotional wellbeing while becoming successful. We suggest a period of 22 weeks to complete the course. You are welcome to take longer, but not longer than 52 weeks (1 year). Please do not try to shorten the course, and complete it in less than 22 weeks, as the practice and skills development takes time and commitment, and cannot be rushed. Based on years of experience and current groundbreaking neurological research, this programme will help you eliminate fear, self-doubt, brain haze, and fatigue so as to become the confident self-assured person you know you’re capable of being.


Your Foundation Training Programme has the following course material:

  • Written documents
  • Video MP4 files

We recommend the use of earphones for the videos and sound files later in the course.


Your course material consists of the following assignments:

1 – Research and Discuss

Each lesson has a Research and Discuss assignment which requires you to –

  • Research the topics provided and contextualise the subject matter within the unique circumstances of your life.
  • Discuss your findings with friends, family, colleagues and/or your online support groups. This allows you to explore and expand your personal understanding of the subject matter and to give substance and significance to your ideas and opinions.
  • Fill out the relevant information once you have completed your assignment in the area provided.

2 – Multiple Choice Questions

Each lesson has a Multiple Choice Question quiz which is located underneath your lesson next to a clock icon –

  • You will be required to pass your quiz with 100%.
  • You can redo your quiz as many times as you want.
  • You will be able to review your quiz progress.





Barbara Parker is an International Speaker and Intervention Leader specializing in stress management and resilience building. She is one of the founding executives to recognise the business value of bio-mastery in managing stress and building resilience in the workplace. Barbara has practised bio-mastery for over eighteen years and has led bio-mastery workshops for over eleven years. She has over twenty-three years of board and executive management experience. Her areas of specialization have included software development and design, and organisational alignment and optimisation.
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