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An Introduction to Stress Management and Resilience Building

SECTION ONE: Introduction

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“It’s not what happens to you, but how you respond that matters”.

~Epictetus (C.55 – 135 AD)


SECTION ONE: Introduction



1.1 – Welcome

1.2 – Knowledge Goals

1.3 – Key Terms


2.1 – What is Bio-Mastery?

2.2 – Relevance of Bio-Mastery

2.3 – Purpose of Your Bio-Mastery Training

2.4 – History of Bio-Mastery

3 – Preparation for Bio-Mastery Training

3.1 – What is Your Reason?

3.2 – Deliberate and Active Practice

3.3 – Well Defined Goals

3.5 – No Quick Wins

3.6 – Manage Your Expectations

3.7 – Support

4 – What is Your Foundation Training Programme all about?

4.1 – Self-Assessment

4.2 – Course Content

4.3 – Lesson Assignments

4.4 – Course Material

4.5 – Support Facilities

4.6 – Additional Facilities


5.1 – Research and Discuss

5.2 – Multiple Choice Questions






1.1 – Welcome


Welcome to your life-changing journey to take control of stress and master your resilience.

Our goal in this Bio-Mastery for Business Foundation course is to provide you with the skills to thrive in the 21st century workplace and to experience optimum mental and emotional wellbeing while becoming a successful, high performing individual.

The development and design of your bio-mastery training is based on years of experience and current ground breaking neurological research.

The Bio-Mastery for Business Foundation course is divided into two sections, Section One (Preparation) and Section Two (Practical). This introduction provides an overview of Section One.


1.2 – Knowledge Goals


By the end of the Introduction, you will have an understanding of what to expect from yourself and your course work in Section One of your Bio-Mastery for Business Foundation course.


1.3 – Key Terms


  • Bio-Mastery
  • Foundation Training
  • Meditation
  • Compelling reason
  • Stress management
  • Resilience building
  • Deliberate and active practice
  • Well defined goals
  • No quick wins
  • Self-discipline
  • Coping and thriving goals
  • Thriving in the 21st century





2.1 – What is Bio-Mastery?


Bio-mastery is a secular practice that trains one’s mind to achieve mastery over one’s biology.

It will develop and enhance your skills for stress management and resilience building.


Why do you need Stress Management and Resilience Building Skills as a Professional in today’s times?


The 21st century is riddled with stressors, with individuals experiencing a number of stress related symptoms.

If we don’t learn and adopt these skills, the impact of stress on our emotional, mental and physical well-being may well render us functionally unemployable.

Bio-mastery will equip you with the skills you need to function optimally and successfully as a professional in the 21st Century.

Each of us perceive and react to the world around us differently.  This programme aims to increase your awareness of what is happening in your brain in response to inputs you receive from your environment through your senses, and the reactions that they trigger within your body.

By developing your skills to have conscious mastery over your biology (“brain training”) bio-mastery teaches you to react optimally to the various inputs you receive, and in doing so, help you eliminate fear, self-doubt, brain haze and fatigue, and boost your stress tolerance and levels of resilience.


2.2 – Questions


Have you experienced any of the following before?

  • Struggled to think beyond the moment
  • Had dreams, but couldn’t define and reach your goals
  • Experienced fear, anxiety and depression
  • Battled to find enough energy to get things done
  • Battled to meet deadlines
  • Not been able to focus for extended periods of time
  • Procrastinated and not understood why
  • Struggled to make decisions
  • Been irritable and had mood swings
  • Had memory and concentration problems
  • Behaved impulsively
  • Felt that everyone else was getting ahead except you
  • Felt isolated, but hadn’t been able to open yourself up
  • Felt constantly physically drained and ill
  • You are an ACHIEVER, but have felt like a FAILURE.

The Foundation Bio-Mastery course is setting the wheels in motion for you to develop the skills to function with advanced clarity and insight, and experience optimum mental and emotional wellbeing, enabling you to become a successful, high performing and resilient individual.


2.3 – Purpose of Your Bio-Mastery Training


Your bio-mastery training is designed to develop your skills to have conscious mastery over your biology, specifically your autonomic nervous system, in order to manage your stress and build your professional resilience. The professional resilience you need to be a high performing individual and high performing team member in the turbulent business environment of the 21st century.


2.4 – History of Bio-Mastery


Bio-mastery grew out of the practice of meditation. Whereas meditation is traditionally coupled with religious or spiritual growth, bio-mastery is a purely securely practice focusing on the training of one’s mind to achieve mastery over one’s biology.

Bio-mastery originally developed in the mid-1990’s to meet the needs of business executives who were showing signs of chronic stress as a result of steadily increasing pressures in the workplace.  By the turn of the century, however, the practice of bio-mastery had been extended to include all professionals.

There was a recognition by course designers that without bio-mastery skills, professionals would not be able to cope and thrive in the stress-filled 21st century work environment.

The language, practices, and outcome requirements of the Bio-Mastery training programmes have been designed to meet the needs of professionals, which include:

  • The employed professional.
  • The unemployed professional.
  • The self-employed professional.
  • The pre-employed professional (youth).


3. – Preparation for Bio-Mastery Training


Becoming a “master” at anything in life takes time and hours of practice. Bio-mastery or mastering your own biology is no different.  It requires focus, determination, and practice in order for you to master the skill/s successfully.


Are you willing to put in the hours and practice to achieve mastery? And how do you believe it would change your life?


Please consider the following as part of your training preparation:


3.1 – What is Your Reason?


Considering the hard work and level of commitment required to achieve mastery, you are probably motivated by a good reason to start this journey.


You might be driven by a negative incident, for example, losing your job due to your inability to manage stress. This has now motivated you to never be in that position again.


Or maybe it’s something positive, such as realising the substantial improvement in the quality of life and efficacy (the ability to produce a desired or intended result) of work when you are able to manage stress and develop resilience.


In preparation for your bio-mastery training, it is important to have a sufficiently compelling reason – a powerful and irresistible reason that incentivises, motivates, and gives energy for you to stay the course. It should propel you forward, not only when you are at peace with the practice, but when you are distracted, unfocused, and bored. This reason will drive you when progress seems slow and you may want to give up.


What is your reason for wanting to achieve bio-mastery?


You need to establish whether this is sufficient to see you through the tough training times, or whether you need to continually seek additional compelling reasons to drive you forward.


3.2 – Deliberate and Active Practice


Bio-mastery requires deliberate and active practice. This refers to a special type of practice that is purposeful and methodical. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance.


Passive practice does not lead to mastery. Being able to deliberately and actively practice might be as simple as finding the most convenient time and place to practice.


Although bio-mastery will eventually become a 24/7 way of life, at the outset it helps to have a well thought out and personalised practice schedule.  The fewer barriers you place in the way of your practice, the more likely you are to succeed. Get to know yourself and your personal bridges and barriers to deliberate and active practice.


3.3 – Well Defined Goals


Your goals need to be recognisable otherwise you won’t know whether you’ve reached them. For example, you may start with the goal to stop being anxious.


The definition of anxiety needs to be clearly described and written down, as does the alternative to the state to anxiety. One cannot simply have an absence of anxiety; it needs to be replaced with something else. Feeling good?


It is absolutely normal that, as you progress, your goals evolve organically. As you gradually achieve bio-mastery, you will start to see new possibilities and begin to extend the reach of your goals further and higher.


3.4 – Self-Discipline


Bio-mastery is about self-discipline and the ability to control and motivate yourself to stay on track. It helps tremendously to have a positive attitude in which you enjoy the idea of spending time evolving your relationship with yourself and the lesson at hand.


Self–discipline is seldom fully achieved immediately. It is a gradual process of building the capacity and understanding of what adds to, and detracts from, your ability to be self-disciplined.


3.5 – No Quick Wins


There are no quick wins in bio-mastery.


Mastery is achieved through diligence, practice and patience. The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.


3.6 – Manage Your Expectations


Everyone acquires and sustains bio-mastery at their own pace.


Bio-mastery unfolds over one’s entire lifetime and is shaped by the events and circumstances of one’s experiences. Don’t create expectations out of your goals.


3.7 – Support


Although bio-mastery is practiced individually, the collective energy of a group can be a source of great support and can substantially increase perseverance.


In a group, you can tap into group empathy and know that everyone has been exactly where you are. After your practice is complete, you can discuss your frustrations – or your achievements – with other practitioners and ask for their guidance. Either way, you’re not alone. A group offers you accountability, which makes it less likely for you to give up easily.


Bio-Mastery for Business offers extensive support online and encourages you to find home-based groups that you can interact with in real time


4. – What is Your Foundation Training Programme all about?


Your Foundation Training Programme is an online skills development programme and is made up of the following:


4.1 – Self-Assessment


Various self-assessments are undertaken during the course of your Foundation Training Programme, as well as during the course of all subsequent training programmes. These self-assessments allow you to monitor your progress.


4.2 – Course Content


The Foundation Training Programme course content comprises two sections:

  • Section One (Preparation)

Section one is the preparatory section of training which examines the unique need for stress management and resilience building in the 21st century.

  • Section Two (Practical)

Section two is the practical section of training with each lesson offering the trainee progressively more complex skills training. Each lesson builds on the training acquired in the preceding lesson.


4.3 – Lesson Assignments


Your lesson assignments assist you to reinforce what you have learnt in your lessons and to encourage your self-enquiry by gathering additional information beyond that which is offered in your coursework.

  • Multiple-choice Questions

Each lesson has a set of multiple-choice questions to help you evaluate your knowledge and to ensure you understood the most important points of the lesson.

The multiple-choice questions must be passed with 100%, and can be redone for as many times as you want.


  • Research and Discuss

Each lesson has a research-and-discuss assignment. This assignment requires you to research the key topics within your lesson and to contextualise the subject matter within your own life.

You are asked to discuss your research findings with friends, family, colleagues and/or your online support groups. These discussions are designed to enable you to explore and expand your personal understanding of the subject as well as give substance and significance to your own ideas and opinions.


4.4 – Course Material


Your Foundation Training Programme has the following course material:

  • Written documents
  • Video MP4 files


4.5 – Support Facilities


As part of your training programme, you are offered the following support facilities:

  • Mentor

An online mentor with whom Q&A sessions are held once a week.

  • Group Forum

An online group forum where you can interact with fellow students, Alumni’s and subject matter experts.

  • Bio-Mastery News Journal

Access to the online Bio-Mastery News journal which publishes news, interviews and editorial comments on stress management and resilience building as well as a broad range of related and relevant topics.

  • Special Offers

Access to special offers for students and Alumni’s.


4.6 – Additional Facilities


On completion of your foundation training, the following additional services are offered:

  • Online Master classes which allow you to specialise in areas of interest to you.
  • Online and live mentoring and coaching programmes for one-on-one or small-group sessions.
  • Online and live workshops and speakers.




5.1 – Research and Discuss

  • Identify your reason for wanting to achieve bio-mastery?
  • Write down the goals you would like to achieve during your bio-mastery journey. Remember to define your goals clearly. Your goals may evolve during your journey, so you will need to review them from time to time.
  • Discuss your findings with friends, family, colleagues and your online support groups. This allows you to share and expand your understanding and to give substance and significance to your ideas and opinions.

5.2 – Multiple Choice Questions

  • Please go to your online file to complete your compulsory multiple-choice questions to progress to the next lesson.




On conclusion of your Foundation training, the following master classes are recommended as a continuation of Section One: Introduction.

  • The Difference between Bio-Mastery and Bio-Hacking

Human biohacking is a movement that holds that human beings can and should use technology to augment and evolve the human species. By contrast, bio-mastery holds that human beings can and should access their internal capacity to achieve advanced mental, emotional, and physical functioning.



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