Job Satisfaction Assessment

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Welcome to your Job Satisfaction Assessment

The Job Satisfaction Assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your level of job satisfaction.

A lack of job satisfaction is a key contributor to stress in the workplace and a primary cause of productivity loss, therefore profit-loss, for business.

Building your resilience allows you to master the way you perceive and engage with your day to day activities. With bio-mastery, you will be able to build job satisfaction through your resilience, not your circumstances.

Assessment Results

If you are  Bio-Mastery trainee, the results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative, anonymous data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. This data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.


Barbara Parker is an International Speaker and Intervention Leader specializing in stress management and resilience building. She is one of the founding executives to recognise the business value of bio-mastery in managing stress and building resilience in the workplace. Barbara has practised bio-mastery for over eighteen years and has led bio-mastery workshops for over eleven years. She has over twenty-three years of board and executive management experience. Her areas of specialization have included software development and design, and organisational alignment and optimisation.