Our speakers draw on their professional and personal backgrounds to educate, motivate and inspire people on managing stress building resilience.

Fuel and sustain change with thought provoking discussions, up-to-date facts and the delivery of relatable case studies.

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Barbara Parker

Founder and Chairperson

Barbara Parker is an international speaker and intervention leader with over 25 years board and executive management experience.

Barbara was one of the formative executives to recognise the emergence of unprecedented stressors in the 21st century workplace. She has long advocated the need for bio-mastery skills in business to  manage stress and build resilience.

Barbara has practised bio-mastery for over eighteen years and has led bio-mastery workshops for over eleven years.

Barbara’s professional background includes software development and design, and organisational alignment and optimisation.

Barbara holds a postgraduate degree in psychology.

Hester Hickey


Hester Hickey is an international speaker with over 30 years’ experience in accounting, governance and risk management. She has been a non-executive director on listed boards for the past 11 years and has a special interest in the transformation of industry due to digital disruption and the needs of organisations to keep up in order to be sustainable in the future.

Hester is a pioneering business leader and was the first female Chairman of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Hester’s professional background includes auditing, internal control and risk management at an executive level.

Hana Burger

Creative Director

Hana Burger is an international speaker and intervention leader with 20 years entrepreneurial, executive and board experience. 

She was one of the founding executives to advocate career, productivity and profit protection through rigorous stress management and resilience building programmes in the workplace.

Hana has applied her bio-mastery skills in both her professional and sporting capacity. She is an underwater Course Director and Instructor Trainer, as well as a director on the board of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI).

Hana’s professional background includes product manufacture in the local and international music and film industries, as well as the development and design of corporate marketing multimedia. 


Head of Training

Estelle Vermeulen has over 20 years’ experience as a Human Resources professional.

Estelle interacts with all levels of business, and passionately advocates resilience and stress management as a critical ingredient in the future employability of the 21st century professional.

Estelle uses her facilitation skills and experience to inspire, motivate and bring knowledge across.

A large portion of Estelle’s career was spent in the financial and banking sector, at a consulting and business partner level.

Elize Neethling


Elize is a seasoned speaker and intervention leader with over 20 years’ experience in strategic operational management.

Elize was one of the formative executives to recognise the need to protect careers, productivity and profits with rigorous stress management and resilience building capacity, and is one of the founding members of Bio-Mastery for Business.

Elize has practised bio-mastery for over fifteen years and has advocated its introduction to business over the past decade.

Elize’s professional background is in the Information Security industry, including crypto currencies and block chain technology.

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