Welcome to your Resilience Assessment on Coping Skills.

This particular Resilience Assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your current levels of coping skills: This means to have strategies to solve personal and interpersonal problems, in order to try to master, minimize or tolerate stress and conflict.

It is important to be thoroughly honest with yourself in your assessment to allow your monitoring of personal growth to be effective.


The results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. The accumulative data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.

1.I feel I can’t cope.
2.I feel overwhelmed by all the demands in my life.
3.I feel I don’t have the energy to learn coping skills.
4.I feel I don’t have the time to learn coping skills.
5.I don’t know what to do to develop coping skills.
6.I don’t know where to go to learn coping skills.
7.I can’t cope with situations by myself.
8.I need people to cope for me.
9.I undermine people’s ability to cope so I are not the only one not coping.
10.I surrounding myself with people that cope less than me.
11.I apply my coping skills quickly in difficult situations.
12.I am aware that I can cope with anything with the right coping skills.
13.I actively look at ways to cope with good and bad situations.
14.I constantly look to improve and develop my current coping skills.
15.I develop new coping skills as a way of life.
16.I enjoy developing new coping skills.
17.I enjoy teaching others coping skills.
18.I cope by modelling myself on resilient people.
19.I cope by learning how others cope.
20.I believe a positive and optimistic attitude helps me to cope.

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