Welcome to your Resilience Assessment On Gratitude.

This particular Resilience Assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your current ability to feel gratitude: This means your ability to have a deep sense of appreciation for what you receive, whether tangible or intangible. Your ability to acknowledge the goodness in your life and relish good experiences.


The results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. The accumulative data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.

1.I’m never satisfied with what I have.
2.I feel envious of other people.
3.I’m bitter about life.
4.I’m get bitter and angry if I don’t get my way.
5.I feel everyone has more than me.
6.I don’t say please or thank you.
7.I get a great feeling when people are envious of me.
8.I can’t stand people who are always grateful and happy.
9.I feel don’t have anything to be grateful for.
10.I make people feel sorry for me in order to get them to do things for me.
11.I am grateful for my life.
12.I don’t get caught up emotionally in the things I don’t have.
13.I am grateful for the negative experiences in my life because they contribute to my growth.
14.I look for new ways to feel grateful.
15.I am deeply appreciative of kind acts, whether directed towards me or not.
16.I’m able to evaluate what I have available and bring about feelings of intense appreciation.
17.I’m deeply appreciate for each new day and what it may bring.
18.I believe there are new things to be grateful for if I just look for them.
19.I believe positive thinking is a powerful tool to master my thoughts.
20.I see my cup as half full, rather than half empty.

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