Welcome to your Resilience Assessment on perseverance.

This particular Resilience Assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your current perseverance: This means, to be able to work diligently towards completing tasks and achieving goals and not to change your commitment based on temporary successes or failures.

It is important to be thoroughly honest with yourself in your assessment to allow your monitoring of personal growth to be effective.


The results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. The accumulative data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.

1.I can’t maintain interest in a task for too long.
2.I can’t remain committed to a goal for too long.
3.I get easily distracted.
4.I lack determination.
5.I can’t dedicate myself to one thing for too long.
6.I don’t have self-discipline.
7.I find it difficult to invest myself in a task or goal.
8.I’m easily put off trying to achieve a goal if I fail along the way.
9.I prefer doing quick and easy things.
10.I can’t motivate myself when the going gets tough.
11.I’m clear about the purpose of my tasks or goals.
12.I have the desire to complete my task or goals.
13.I enjoy the process of diligently completing a task or achieve a goal.
14.I have the will-power to complete a task or achieve a goals.
15.I make my actions a habit until my task or goal is achieved.
16.I wont change my commitment based on temporary successes or failures.
17.I ignite my passion in order to complete a task or goal.
18.I have various coping strategies for when I feel like giving up.
19.I am able to remain focused and not be distracted.
20.I engage in motivational self-talk

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