Welcome to your Resilience Assessment on tolerance of change.

This particular Resilience Assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your current tolerance of change: This means, to not be threatened by the frequency and intensity of change. To accept change as a way of life and set about managing the change in the best way possible. To not have expectations of continuity.

It is important to be thoroughly honest with yourself in your assessment to allow your monitoring of personal growth to be effective.


The results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. The accumulative data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.

1.I prefer to stay in my comfort zone.
2.I feel a loss of control when change happens.
3.I anticipate not being able to cope with change.
4.I feel threatened by how often change occurs.
5.I feel threatened by the amount of change that takes place.
6.I feel change is for the worse.
7.I feel change will have a bad outcome.
8.I feel change is not necessary.
9.I don’t believe change is ever in my best interest.
10.I feel overwhelmed by the unknown.
11.I don’t mind moving outside my comfort zone.
12.I see change as a way of life.
13.I set about managing change in the best way possible.
14.I feel that once the change has occurred it’s best to get on with making the best of things.
15.I don’t have expectations of things staying the same all the time.
16.I enjoy the challenge of change.
17.I believe change should be approached with the right attitude.
18.I believe its important to understand why change has occurred to work out how to respond to it.
19.I believe its important to not simply accept change without question.
20.I would step away from a constantly changing environment if it threatened my mental health.

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