Welcome to your Bio-Mastery Resilience Assessment.

The resilience assessment is designed to allow you to evaluate your levels of mastery at the current moment and to monitor your progress and personal changes as you progress through your bio-mastery training programme.

Please note that for your self-monitoring to be effective you need to be as insightful and honest with yourself in your self-assessment as possible. This might be difficult at the beginning but will improve as you begin to trust yourself.

Assessment Results

The results of all your assessments are kept in your personal online portfolio and enable you to compare and contrast your various assessment results over time.

Private and confidential

Please note your assessments are private and confidential and are used by you alone to monitor your progress.

Bio-Mastery for Business makes use of the accumulative data of all its trainees for in-house research, development and design purposes. The accumulative data is, from time to time, made available to reputable academic institutions for research purposes only.

1.SELF ESTEEM Question 1: I have feelings of inferiority.
2.SELF ESTEEM Question 2: I have feelings of superiority.
3.SELF ESTEEM Question 3: I have feelings of impatience or irritation with myself and others.
4.SELF ESTEEM Question 4: I always try and meet other people’s expectations.
5.SELF ESTEEM Question 5: I always try and win other people’s approval.
6.SELF ESTEEM Question 6: I always feel people are judging me.
7.SELF ESTEEM Question 7: I am sensitive to criticism.
8.SELF ESTEEM Question 8: I dislike myself.
9.SELF ESTEEM Question 9: I feel the need to please people.
10.SELF ESTEEM Question 10: I always need to be around people.
11.SELF ESTEEM Question 11: I appreciate and value myself and others.
12.SELF ESTEEM Question 12: I am grateful for my life and everything I have experienced.
13.SELF ESTEEM Question 13: I regard myself as self-worthy and equal to others, regardless of differences in finance and personal success.
14.SELF ESTEEM Question 14: I don’t need to surround myself with material wealth to impress others.
15.SELF ESTEEM Question 15: I believe that most people are fundamentally good.
16.SELF ESTEEM Question 16: I enjoy my own company.
17.SELF ESTEEM Question 17: I prefer my own company to company that is negative and unhealthy for me.
18.SELF ESTEEM Question 18: I can be on my own for long stretches at a time.
19.SELF ESTEEM Question 19: I enjoy bringing pleasure into other people’s lives.
20.SELF ESTEEM Question 20: I enjoy seeking happiness and joy for myself.
21.SELF EFFICACY Question 1: I have feelings of being a failure.
22.SELF EFFICACY Question 2: I try to control how others see me in order to be liked.
23.SELF EFFICACY Question 3: I feel the need to present a false image of success and competency to others.
24.SELF EFFICACY Question 4: I try hide my mistakes.
25.SELF EFFICACY Question 5: I blame others for my mistakes.
26.SELF EFFICACY Question 6: I take credit for other people’s work.
27.SELF EFFICACY Question 7: I try things halfheartedly and give up easily.
28.SELF EFFICACY Question 8: I expect to fail.
29.SELF EFFICACY Question 9: I don’t want to try things unless I’m absolutely guaranteed success.
30.SELF EFFICACY Question 10: I feel like an impostor.
31.SELF EFFICACY Question 11: I have a realistic measure of myself and what I am capable of.
32.SELF EFFICACY Question 12: I know when I set my mind to something I have the ability to succeed in situations or accomplish tasks
33.SELF EFFICACY Question 13: I am confident I have the ability to exert control over my own motivation, behaviour, and social environment.
34.SELF EFFICACY Question 14: I don’t feel threatened by what I don’t know and what I can’t do.
35.SELF EFFICACY Question 15: I am able to recognize my limitations without judgment.
36.SELF EFFICACY Question 16: I take responsibility for my mistakes.
37.SELF EFFICACY Question 17: I learn from my mistakes.
38.SELF EFFICACY Question 18: I see failure as mapping the landscape of opportunity.
39.SELF EFFICACY Question 19: I am not embarrassed by failure.
40.SELF EFFICACY Question 20: I embrace feedback on my work.
41.COPING SKILLS Question 1: I feel I can’t cope.
42.COPING SKILLS Question 2: I feel overwhelmed by all the demands in my life.
43.COPING SKILLS Question 3: I don’t have the energy to learn coping skills.
44.COPING SKILLS Question 4: I don’t have the time to learn coping skills.
45.COPING SKILLS Question 5: I don’t know what to do to learn coping skills.
46.COPING SKILLS Question 6: I don’t know where to go to learn coping skills.
47.COPING SKILLS Question 7: I can’t cope by myself.
48.COPING SKILLS Question 8: I need people to manage all the stress and problems in my life.
49.COPING SKILLS Question 9: I find myself undermining other people’s ability to cope so I am not the only one not coping.
50.COPING SKILLS Question 10: I surround myself with people who cope less than me.
51.COPING SKILLS Question 11: I apply my coping skills quickly in situations.
52.COPING SKILLS Question 12: I am aware that I can cope with anything with the right skills.
53.COPING SKILLS Question 13: I proactively look for ways to cope with bad situations.
54.COPING SKILLS Question 14: I constantly look for ways to improve my coping skills.
55.COPING SKILLS Question 15: Looking for and gaining new coping skills is a way of life for me.
56.COPING SKILLS Question 16: I enjoy developing new coping skills
57.COPING SKILLS Question 17: I enjoy teaching others new coping skills.
58.COPING SKILLS Question 18: I model myself on other strong and resilient people.
59.COPING SKILLS Question 19: I learn to cope by looking at how others cope.
60.COPING SKILLS Question 20: I believe a positive and optimistic attitude helps me to cope.
61.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 1: I believe life occurs in a series of random and unconnected events.
62.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 2: I believe there is no external governing force.
63.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 3: I don’t feel in control of events.
64.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 4: I feel like nothing in my life makes any sense.
65.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 5: I feel nothing in my life is ordered, consistent and structured.
66.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 6: I don’t believe in the notions of good and evil.
67.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 6: I don’t believe in the notion of trying to be good and do no evil.
68.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 7: I am pessimistic about life.
69.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 8: I believe life is irrational.
70.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 9: I feel a sense of dread at life’s unpredictability.
71.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 10: I feel life is absurd.
72.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 11: I see my life as being part of a unified and meaningful whole.
73.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 12: I have a pervasive and enduring feeling of confidence that things will work out as well as can reasonably be expected.
74.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 13: I have a balanced sense of optimism and control.
75.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 14: I see the events in my life as making some kind of sense.
76.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 15: I believe I experience things for a reason.
77.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 16: I believe things will always work out in the end.
78.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 17: I believe that goodness will always prevail over evil.
79.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 18: I feel I can make rational decision in what might be an irrational universe.
80.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 19: I feel there is some kind of order in the universe.
81.SENSE OF COHERENCE Question 20: I believe focusing on the bad, sad and irrational serves no purpose.
82.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 1: I believe people get what they deserve
83.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 2: I think things will always work out for the worst.
84.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 3: I enjoy secrecy.
85.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 4: I am drawn to bad news.
86.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 5: I enjoy gossiping about other people.
87.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 6: I enjoy telling people about bad news.
88.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 7: I complain a lot.
89.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 8: I never get excited about future project.
90.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 9: I enjoy trolling other people.
91.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 10: I never move outside my comfort zone.
92.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 11: I focus on what I have, not what I don’t have.
93.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 12: I am able to turn bad stations around by having the right attitude.
94.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 13: I have a positive attitude towards life.
95.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 14: I have a pervasive sense that things will work out well.
96.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 15: I believe a smile can change the world.
97.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 16: I have a positive and optimistic view of the world.
98.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 17: I believe in the power of positive thinking.
99.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 18: I believe my positive attitude can positively affect those around me.
100.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 19: I believe optimism and being positive can heal the mind.
101.OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE Question 20: I believe being optimism and being positive can heal the body.
102.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 1: I have no firm beliefs about being a good or bad person.
103.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 2: I feel comfortable taking things that don’t belong to me.
104.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 3: I forget to return borrowed items.
105.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 4: I don’t feel I have a part to play as a responsible citizen of the wider community.
106.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 5: I don’t believe it’s my responsibility to help the less fortunate.
107.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 6: I’m comfortable with misleading others to their disadvantage and to my advantage.
108.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 7: I admire people who win, irrespective if they cheated to win.
109.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 8: I admire people who make lots of money irrespective of their methods to acquire the money.
110.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 9: I believe people with moral and ethical codes of conduct are naive and gullible.
111.ACHIEVED IDENTITY Question 10: I don’t feel I need to respect people.

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