Welcome to your Stress Assessment.

The Stress Assessment is designed to allow you to assess your stress.


1.I find myself having muscular tension.
2.I find myself having heart palpitations.
3.I have sleeping difficulties, such as insomnia.
4.I have stomach upsets, such as vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.
5.I feel drained of energy. I feel listless and tired.
6.I’m experiencing skin disorders.
7.I’m experiencing headaches or migraines.
8.I have shortness of breath.
9.I have had panic or anxiety attacks.
10.I don’t enjoy anything anymore.
11.I have deep pervasive feelings of anxiety.
12.I feel an overwhelming sadness.
13.I feel depressed.
14.I’m pessimistic about life.
15.I feel discouraged and useless.
16.I have feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to cope.
17.I’m not able to concentrate or make decisions.
18.I lack motivation.
19.I’m not able to focus.
20.I feel isolated and alone.
21.I take sick days or I’m absent from work.
22.Little things trigger my aggression.
23.I can’t come up with solutions to problems.
24.I’ve had a drop in the quality of my work performance.
25.I’m having problems with interpersonal relationships.
26.I have mood swings and I’m easily irritable.
27.I’m quick to feel frustration and impatience.
28.I feel disinterested in everything.
29.I’ve reducing the time I normally spend with people.
30.I feel numb and disengaged from the world.
31.I feel people are avoiding me.
32.I feel more suspicious of people.
33.I don’t trust people anymore.
34.I feel the business world is filled with cruel and indifferent people.
35.I feel like a failure.
36.I feel like an impostor.
37.I feel helpless and hopeless.